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Here at Kontrei Tours we specialise in South African travel experiences based on three guiding principles:

"Diversity, Enlightenment and Slowness"


Our special approach to travel is based on the concept of the Kontrei, an Afrikaans word that refers to regions with distinctive cultures and unique natural environments.



Best Selling Tours

 Cape Winelands Safari Tour

22 Days / 21 Nights – Max 2 persons

Embark on a thrilling 21-day expedition through South Africa’s captivating Cape Winelands with Kontrei Tours, where adventure meets diversity, enlightenment, and the joy of taking it slow.

Garden Route Tour

 6 Days/ 5 Nights – Max 12 persons

This captivating expedition will lead you through South Africa’s most breathtaking landscapes, wildlife sanctuaries, and coastal gems.


Karoo Stargazing Tour

3 Days / 2 Nights – Max 12 persons

Embark on a 3-day Karoo Stargazing Tour, a celestial journey through South Africa’s historical heartland.

Hantam & Tankwa Karoo Tour

4 Days/ 3 Nights – Max 12 persons

Step into the enchanting “Hantam & Tankwa Karoo Tour,” a captivating 4-day adventure that will immerse you in the heart of South Africa. Get ready for unforgettable moments.

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