Kontrei Traveller


About Kontrei Traveller

Here at Kontrei Traveller tours, we serve a special kind of traveller: one who is not satisfied with merely being a tourist, ticking off sights on a list. Our travellers want to immerse themselves in a region: they want to meet people, understand the local culture, learn something about a unique part of the world and emerge from the experience more enlightened. We are interested in people who like to travel slowly and savour the experience. Our clients have a passion for sustainability: they want to know that the places they visit are giving back to the environment, are treating the people who work for them fairly, and want to preserve their natural and cultural heritage for future generations.

Our focus is on the “kontrei”: an Afrikaans word that loosely translated means “region” or “district”. A kontrei refers to a blend of cultural practice, shared history and a distinct natural environment. People in South Africa know exactly which kontrei they live in, even if they cannot show you its exact borders on a map. A kontrei is the place where your heart belongs. The places that we at Kontrei Tours have chosen as affiliates are deeply imbedded in their kontrei and actively seek to preserve and share its special traits. Whether it is an organised tour, or a guest house, or a restaurant, the people involved are passionate about nature and sustainability. They want to share what they earn to the benefit of their local region.

We select our affiliates carefully. We visit them and spend time with them. We are certain that they share our philosophy and that they will welcome our special kind of slow traveller with open arms.