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Sustainable Stays

Promoting Sustainable Tourism through Accommodation Choices

We are committed to embracing sustainable tourism practices. In collaboration with Go Sustainable Tourism (GST), we are proud to offer tourists a range of environmentally and socially responsible options. Our goal is to enhance public awareness regarding the advantages of sustainable business practices and to educate tourists on their role in fostering a sustainable tourism industry.

138 Marine

Situated on the seafront, the exceptional 138 Marine Beachfront Guesthouse is renowned for its spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. The guesthouse is a stone’s throw away from the charming town of Hermanus.

Aan die Oewer

Here holiday makers and guests from all over can discover the enchantment of the beautiful river and river side. Also experience the hospitality of Orania and its people.


At Bakkrans you don’t share your facilities, space or privacy with any other guests. When you or your group visit Bakkrans, it is allocated to you exclusively. This lovely promise is on the website of this exclusive tourist destination in the Red Cederberg.

Bartholomeus Klip

The Bartholomeus Klip Farmhouse enjoys a truly exceptional and breathtaking setting within South Africa's Western Cape region. Nestled on the expansive grounds of one of the largest wheat and sheep farms in the area, this farmhouse is set against the majestic backdrop.

Die Mas

Walk with us on our walkway from the Wine Cellar and feed the little animals along the arbour. Visit our Wine Cellar with its award-winning brandies, gins and wines and eat sociably at our Koker kitchen

Jules of the Karoo

Here you can experience everything that a Karoo farm can offer. Besides hunting, guests can hike, ride bikes and go horse riding. An early morning or dusk game drive provides something special. The farm is a paradise for photographers and bird lovers.

La Provence

Enjoy a private wine tasting with Johan in our cozy, historical cellar. Do relaxed hiking or a “park run“ through vineyards and orchards in the good company of our dogs while you enjoy the stay in our self-catering units called Champagne, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Rosé and Die Wyntenk.

Legend Golf & Safari Resort

Welcome to Monomotapa Village, a lifestyle resort situated within Legend Golf and Safari resort and part of a 22 000ha Big Five Game Reserve in Limpopo Province. Here you will be treated to a Safari experience that is second to none.


Go Sustainable Tourism


At Go Sustainable Tourism, we believe in embracing sustainable practices to ensure the well-being of our planet for generations to come. Our guiding principle is drawn from the World Commission on Environment and Development: “Sustainable Development is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.



In today’s world, the focus often remains solely on profit, contributing to widening gaps between the rich and poor, resource depletion, and rampant pollution. We understand that sustainability may seem like a roadblock to economic growth, but it doesn’t have to be.



We believe that sustainability starts right where you are, with your business deeply embedded in the environment of your area


Our South African tourism verification audit certifies your proactive contribution to sustainable tourism. With our simple, reliable, and affordable audit, you gain international marketing exposure. We’re always looking for more participants to expand our impact.


Choosing GST-certified businesses means environmentally and socially sustainable choices for tourists. It raises awareness about sustainable practices and encourages respectful behavior or contributions to local solutions. Certified businesses tend to offer higher-quality service.


Our approach to sustainable tourism is all-encompassing. We strive to operate in harmony with the local environment, the community, and the rich cultural tapestry of the region. By doing so, we aim to make these aspects permanent beneficiaries of our efforts.


The intricate relationship between the global environment and local businesses can be perplexing. We see it as a balance between accelerating economic development and preserving our environment.


Our 4C Management Method empowers you to assess your sustainability efforts and make improvements. Our external audit acknowledges your progress and encourages continuous improvement, ultimately transforming your business into a model sustainable destination.


Our framework revolves around the 4 C’s:
Conservation: Protecting natural and cultural resources for tourism production.
Community: Enhancing benefits for local communities at tourism destinations.
Customer: Promoting ethical consumption and authentic experiences.
Company: Ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of your tourism business.


Our step-by-step process guides your business towards sustainability. You gain the privilege to proudly display our Certificate and Logo on your website, publicity materials, and marketing collateral, showcasing your commitment to sustainability. Join us in making tourism a force for good.