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Jules of the Karoo

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Jules of the Karoo is a family operated business situated in the Great Karoo. The farm has been in the family for 5 generations. Julian, along with the help of Martisan (his wife), and the mighty Hand above have created an extraordinary safari company for local and foreign hunters on over 300,000 acres.

Julian’s passion for wildlife and his knowledge of the Karoo plains game have made him an outstanding guide.
Martisan is a gracious hostess and is responsible for the management of the guests, the lodge, bookings and the processing of the game.
Izak, the eldest son, has been helping as Professional Hunter for the past 4 years. He grew up on the ranch, hunting with his Dad on every possible occasion and is now a valuable asset and integral part of Jules of the Karoo Safaris.

Come experience their Karoo hospitality and enjoy the hunt of a lifetime!
As the expansive South African landscapes stretches out before you, it teams with an amazing diversity of plains game. With more than 40 species of Plains Game, Jules of the Karoo has much more than just the world’s largest springbok to offer the traveling hunter! From the vast plains to the craggy koppies and our own “Table Mountain”, Jules of the Karoo has a variety of terrain and habitat that is ideal for many indigenous species of big game.
Through a combination of habitat, strict management plan and zero poaching Jules of the Karoo is the perfect destination for your safari! Look through our Photo Gallery (right) to see some of our successful hunters with their outstanding trophies harvested with Jules of the Karoo.



Julian Theron’s wife, Maritsan designed a spectacular lodge that is truly a work of art. It was constructed with bricks made right on the farm. It is a fully catered lodge with 10 en suite rooms, lounge, dining room, a beautiful well equipped kitchen, swimming pool and entertainment area.

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At Jules of the Karoo we serve traditional South African food. The braai is equivalent to the barbecue. It dates back from the trekking days, and is undoubtedly our favourite and trademark whether it be cooked on the braai inside the lodge or the braai outside.

"We could easily be offering biltong (jerky) and dry wors as a starter while waiting for the sosaties (kebabs), boerewors, steak or ribs to braai." Pap a traditional porridge and/or vetkoek (deep fried dough balls) are often served with the main dish. Boerewors is not always made of spiced minced beef or pork meat – it can also be made of ostrich and game. Karoo lamb is the best you will get in the world. Fresh game is served as well, consisting mostly of springbok, gemsbok and blackwildebeest, (but impala and kudu are available). Ostrich and Springbok is a guilt-free red meat, that is low in cholesterol.

Chicken and fish are served as well as fresh fruit and a variety of salads and vegetables.