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Cape Town to Kruger National Park Tour


Max 2-14 persons

Prepare for a transformative, an immersive passage through the kaleidoscopic wonders of South Africa. 


Your adventure unfurls in Cape Town, a city where history merges seamlessly with natural grandeur. Ascend the majestic Table Mountain via a thrilling cable car ride, immersing yourself in sweeping views that paint a vivid portrait of Cape Town against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean.

Delve into the rugged landscapes of the Cape Peninsula, where the raw beauty of Cape Point meets the crashing waves, evoking a sense of awe at the Earth's edge.

 Your journey through history continues as you step onto Robben Island, a poignant testament to resilience, where the legacy of Nelson Mandela's incarceration resonates in the air.

Transitioning to the famed Garden Route, a canvas of scenic beauty unfolds before you. This picturesque passage weaves through charming coastal towns, each a unique chapter in South Africa's narrative. 

Mossel Bay beckons with the Dias Museum Complex, whispering tales of maritime exploits that shaped the nation's heritage. 

Nature reserves punctuate this scenic route, inviting contemplation amidst diverse ecosystems.

The trail leads to Addo Elephant National Park, an oasis teeming with life. Here, giants roam freely, elephants and lions dance in the savannas, and the symphony of wildlife resonates the landscapes. 


Engage in exhilarating game drives, each encounter a brushstroke painting a vibrant portrait of Africa's rich biodiversity.

Your crescendo arrives at Kruger National Park, an epitome of African safari dreams. Venture into the sprawling wilderness, where the rustling of leaves and the calls of wild creatures orchestrate nature's symphony. 

Days unfold in anticipation as expert-guided game drives and leisurely walks unveil the mysteries of the savannas. Seek out the illustrious Big Five and an array of other wildlife, each sighting a chapter in an epic narrative of the wild.

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