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Drakenstein Delights

Max 2-4 persons

Embark on a captivating journey through South Africa's picturesque Cape Winelands on our exclusive "Drakenstein Delights" tour. This immersive experience invites you to discover a harmonious blend of sustainable tourism, cultural immersion, and the enchanting fusion of wine and nature.

Your adventure unfolds amidst the rolling hills and vineyards, where the intimate Zonevanger Restaurant in Paarl becomes your haven. With a maximum of 12 guests, expect a personalized and sustainable approach throughout your journey.

This journey encapsulates the essence of the region:
Experience cultural treasures at Salem Biblical Garden and the monumental Language Monument, providing insights into the rich heritage and traditions.
Indulge in farm-to-table dining, savoring exquisite wines from prestigious estates like Fairview, and exploring artisanal spirits at Jorgensen Distillery.

Interact with rescued big cats at Drakenstein Lion Park, traverse scenic drives through Bainskloof, and embrace the breathtaking landscapes of Franschhoek.

Each day is meticulously designed:
Commence your adventure with a warm welcome at Zonevanger Restaurant, setting the tone for an intimate and immersive exploration.
Engage in cultural workshops, from visits to Wagyu beef farms to explorations of heritage sites like the Franschhoek Motor Museum.
Savor authentic South African cuisine at charming spots like Harvest House and Hussar Grill, complemented by tastings of the finest wines the Cape Winelands offer.


As your journey nears its end, a heartfelt farewell dinner back at Zonevanger Restaurant awaits. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the unforgettable moments and shared experiences throughout your tour.

Dive into the beauty, culture, and flavors of the Cape Winelands. Experience sustainable travel, cultural immersion, and the exquisite blend of wine and nature on our exclusive "Drakenstein Delights" tour.

Let us create a journey that lingers in your memories long after the tour concludes.

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