Kontrei Traveller


Karoo Stargazing Tour

Touws River

  •  Depart 07h00 from Paarl and travel to Touws River (128km). 
  •  Stop at the Komkyk Padstal for a “leg stretch and know each other” session.  
  •  Enjoy an old-fashioned road trip breakfast. 
  •  Peek in at the road stall.
  •  We depart from Touws River to the historical monument cemetery 10km before Matjiesfontein where among others, the following is remembered:
    • Scottish General Andy Wauchope, who died in the Battle of Magersfontein.
    • James D Logan, founder of Matjiesfontein and his family.
    • The legendary versatile cricketer, Edward Alfred Lohmann.


  •  Visit the Laingsburg Flood Museum. This museum also offers exhibitions and information of:
    • The Great Trek
    • The Anglo Boer War
    • Tools and implements of the Khoi-San
  • A light meal can be enjoyed at the Kuierkraal.

Matjiesfontein Travel back to the Lord Milner Hotel for the night's stay.  

  •  The afternoon is available to go on an exploration and discovery tour through the village to e.g. visit the following:
    • Old Post Office (currently a gift shop next to the house of the famous war correspondent and writer, Edgar Wallace). 
    • Pink Church.
    • Historical cricket batting pitch where one of the first international cricket matches between South Africa and England took place. 
    • Courthouse and prison.
    • Old Bank Building, formerly in 1897 The African Banking Corporation (predecessor of Standard Bank).
    • The British Army Remount Camp where more than 10 000 soldiers and 20 000 horses were stationed in the surrounding field with the Lord Milner as the lookout point and headquarters as well as field hospital.
    • Flour Mill and Mineral Waterworks.
    • Matjiesfontein Station and Museum.
    • Marie Rawdon Museum.
    • Chapel with its fountain.
    • Transport Museum with a collection of old-fashioned cars and bicycles from the 1930s - 60s era.
  • Relax the rest of the time until visit to famous bar later.
  • Depart with legendary Jony on a quick bus tour through the town.
  • Enjoy dinner



  • Enjoy an English breakfast before leaving for Sutherland.
  • Destination is 100km further, deep in the Karoo for a day tour at SALT - South African Large Telescope (approximately 18km outside the town on the Fraserburg road).
  • We return to Sutherland for a light lunch at 1 of the 4 restaurants.
  • Book in at Die Kambro Kind Guesthouse. 
  • Visit the historic church.
    • The church was used and damaged by the British Soldiers during the Anglo Boer War and is now fully restored.
  • Take a historical walking tour through the town and view all the old buildings or visit the NP van Wyk Louw Museum. 
  • Depart for Sterland in the late afternoon - The Gateway to Heaven.
  • Attend an informative fossil information session and exhibition.
  • Jurg Wagener accompanies us to stargazing and other celestial phenomena.
  • Dinner can once again be enjoyed at any of the restaurants in town.
  • Breakfast is served at the Whitehouse Inn before our departure back to Paarl. 


  • Depart after breakfast from Sutherland.
  • Along the way there is a road stall or two where we can stop on request to stretch legs. 
  • Stop at Du Toitskloof Cellar for a wine tasting session and Die Ou Meul Bakery and Cafe where delicious gourmet home-baked sandwiches can be ordered, or a light lunch.
  • Final stop, Paarl.