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Here at Kontrei Tours we specialise in South African travel experiences based on three guiding principles:

"Diversity, Enlightenment and Slowness"


Our special approach to travel is based on the concept of the Kontrei, an Afrikaans word that refers to regions with distinctive cultures and unique natural environments.



Best Selling Tours

 Cape Winelands Safari Tour

 Max 2-4 persons

Embark on a thrilling  expedition through South Africa’s captivating Cape Winelands with Kontrei Tours, where adventure meets diversity, enlightenment, and the joy of taking it slow.

Garden Route Tour

  Max 14 persons

This captivating expedition will lead you through South Africa’s most breathtaking landscapes, wildlife sanctuaries, and coastal gems.


Karoo Stargazing Tour

Max 14 persons

Go on a Karoo Stargazing Tour, a celestial journey through South Africa’s historical heartland.

Hantam & Tankwa Karoo Tour

 Max 14 persons

Step into the enchanting “Hantam & Tankwa Karoo Tour,” a captivating  adventure that will immerse you in the heart of South Africa. Get ready for unforgettable moments.

What is currently going on?

The Geminid meteor shower

12:00 AM
12:00 AM

As we approach the year's end, an awe-inspiring celestial display awaits viewers—the spectacular Geminid meteor shower. Renowned for its abundance of bright, visible meteors, this shower is hailed as one of the year's most captivating cosmic phenomena. Under optimal conditions, spectators can marvel at approximately 120 shooting stars painting the sky each hour.

However, on this occasion, the moon will illuminate about 96 percent of the sky, potentially affecting visibility. Nonetheless, missing this shower is not advised—it promises a remarkable experience.

Unlike most meteor showers originating from icy comets, the Geminids trace their origins to a rocky asteroid known as 3200 Phaethon. Scientists grapple with categorizing this celestial body, as it behaves akin to a comet, brightening as it nears the sun and displaying a tail. Recent revelations indicated that Phaethon's tail comprises sodium gas rather than dust.

While the Geminids have their origins in the Gemini constellation, their radiant meteors will grace the entirety of the nocturnal expanse, offering a celestial spectacle that transcends specific boundaries in the night sky.

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Websites and Marketing

We want to help stand by and see the South African tourism industry grow into its full potential. We offer the following services to help you both offline and online.

  • Websites
  • Catalogue design, Business Cards, Pamphlet design, etc.
  • Free Marketing Consultation on request whenever you decide to sign up to The Global Sustainable Tourism (GST) program.

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Go Sustainable Tourism

“Sustainable Development is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”


Sustainable tourism focuses on operating businesses in harmony with the local environment, community, and cultures to ensure long-term benefits for all stakeholders. The Global Sustainable Tourism (GST) program assists businesses by providing the 4C Management Method, conducting external audits to measure and acknowledge progress, and offering a certification and logo that demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices, benefiting both businesses and consumers.

Sustainable Accommodation